1/20/2023: In order to remain good stewards of your membership dues and support of the Y, we sometimes must make tough decisions. To that end we will not be rebuilding the hot tub and in exchange will be investing in the safety, integrity and long-term sustainability of our buildings and grounds. We encourage you to take advantage of the multiple options included with your membership that provide therapeutic benefits such as the sauna, and our award-winning Warm Water Pool. In addition, please feel free to speak with a staff member who will be able to recommend one of the many classes geared towards coping with muscle and joint pain, Arthritis, low back issues, chronic illness, flexibility, and range of motion concerns, etc. These options provide relief and will result in better long term overall health benefits.

We will be repairing the steam room. We do not yet have an ETA as to when it will be open, but the parts to repair it and renovate it have been ordered.  

We thank you for your ongoing support of this organization. We are committed to serving the needs of our entire diverse community, and we are excited about the potential that this new year will bring.