Byram Lakes program is postponed until October 15. Check back for daily updates. 

School: Byram Lakes Elementary School

We have adjusted our program schedule to accommodate your A/B schedule.

If you are interested in full day care options or have general program questions, please contact Brenda at 973.366.1120 Ext. 25 or

For billing information, please contact Debbie P. at 973.366.1120 Ext. 13 or email:

  • Byram Lakes Before Care begins at 6:45 am
  • Byram Lakes After Care begins at 1:00 pm

A 2-MONTH DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED UPON REGISTRATION TO BE CREDITED TO THE FIRST AND LAST MONTH OF THE PROGRAM. If you were enrolled in 2019/2020 Before/After School Care, you must contact Debbie P. to register to be credited 1 1/2 months.