8-Week Group Coaching Program begins April 12-May 31 (Members: $200 Community Members: $250) 

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Healthcoach: Melissa

With millions of people suffering from preventable lifestyle-related diseases, Certified Health Coaches are uniquely positioned to help bring about lasting change in the lives of their clients.  Certified Health Coaches empower individuals to choose health-promoting behaviors that work specifically for them by raising awareness and offering support as clients move toward long-term behavior change to attain their individual and specific health goals.

Coaches help clients reach their full potential by raising awareness, making connections, identifying patterns, shifting limiting beliefs, using a growth mindset and offering strengths-based support. The difference between Health Coaches and Life Coaches is that we offer support in Holistic Nutrition and Health.

This seminar will briefly cover what to expect in the 8-week Group Health Coaching Program. The 8-week program begins April 12-May 31, 2023.

Top Seven Reasons to Join a Group Coaching Program

  1. A personal Support System:  Group Coaching gives you the opportunity to share your feelings with others and develop deeper connections, making your sessions more meaningful.  Knowing you are not alone in your journey will help you develop the confidence and motivation to address your challenges and succeed.
  2. Higher Likelihood of Achieving Your Goals:  You’re much more likely to stick to your gym routine if you have a gym buddy, right?  The same is true with group coaching.  When individuals are part of a group, they procrastinate less, accomplish more and reach their goals faster.
  3. Benefit of Collective Wisdom:  You’ll brainstorm solutions, open creativity channels and uncover opportunities you may not have discovered working solo.  Have you ever been in a study group where you’ve learned from a classmate who gets it?  Other group members help you master new concepts like a pro!
  4. Gain a New Perspective:  When you work alone, you examine situations from one perspective ~ yours.  But when you work in a group, you’re exposed to a variety of insights that empower you to see a situation from multiple angles ad motivate you to develop new solutions. Ever get a precious nugget of advice from a really honest friend that you just couldn’t see on your own?  It’s like that.
  5. A Great Value:  Get the same quality coaching, but at a fraction of the price of the cost of individual coaching.  Group coaching is a smart and affordable way to receive top-notch guidance.
  6. A Team Invested in Your Success:  When you work in a group, the whole team celebrates your success.  Just like when a hockey player scores a goal, resulting in a win for the entire team.  In this case, no ice skates required!!
  7. Turn Work Into Play:  It’s more fun to go out to dinner with friends than by yourself, right?  Working with a group is a social event that participants look forward to.  You’ll join a close-knit group that is energizing, motivating and most of all ~ fun!  Often times, group members become lifelong friends.

What to Expect During the 8 Week Group Health Coaching Program

What you eat every day isn’t the only thing that effects your health, right?  In fact, our daily activities have a direct link to the types of foods we reach for.  If we are too busy, maybe we reach for convenience foods.  If we are stressed out, perhaps something sweet or salty will satisfy us.  If we are unhappy we may overeat or not eat at all!!!

During the course of the 8 weeks we spend together, we will work on identifying our SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Timely).  We will discuss all different types of topics pertaining to our nutrition but also, we will identify the other things in life that effect our health: Our career, education, physical activity, home cooking, home environment, relationships, social life, finances, etc.  It will be different for everybody!

We will talk about tools and strategies to help us achieve our goals.  You will have an opportunity to taste different types of foods and experiment with trying new ingredients when you cook at home.  There will be handouts with all sorts of great information to help support you on your health journey.  I may have specific articles or books that I will suggest depending upon topics and issues that come up.

We will begin each session with a discussion about “What’s new and good” in which individuals will share in the group. This is where the coaching magic happens!!!  Everyone will learn from each other.  The session will always end with 1-3 intentions/suggestions for the week.

Group members will commit to the following:

  • Be coachable
  • Be open to new foods, concepts and exercises
  • Fulfill on the commitments you make
  • Eat nourishing foods according to the guidance of your Health Coach
  • Exercise according to the guidance of your Health Coach
  • Finding a healthy balance between work and play
  • Give gratitude in the relationships in your life
  • Develop a listening to your body’s wants and needs
  • Powerfully deal with stressors in your life
  • Begin and end our sessions on time

Together we will lovingly take small incremental steps towards our healthier selves.