Why Pilates?
Pilates is for everybody & every body. Its unique approach facilitates proper body mechanics with a strong focus on pelvic, torso and shoulder stability. Pilates is considered a mind body exercise and was developed with the guiding principles of concentration, control, centering, flow, precision & breath. 

Why Pilates Equipment?
The Pilates Reformer is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that is perfect for a beginner to learn movement in a supportive way, yet it can also challenge the advanced participant! Our Pilates Studio will house one reformer, one reformer/tower combo, & other Pilates apparatus.


MEMBER (One-on-One) NON-MEMBER (One-on-One)
1 Session=$65 1 Session=$75
But 10 Sessions, Get 1 FREE=$650 Buy 10 Sessions, Get 1 FREE=$750
1 Session=$100 ($50 each) 1 Session=$120 ($60 each)
Buy 10 Sessions, Get 1 FREE=$1,000 ($500 each) Buy 10 Sessions, Get 1 FREE=$1,200 ($600 each)