We are learning every day that there are ways in which people with Parkinson's disease can enhance their daily quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibility and speed! By exercising with Coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better. In a University of Indianapolis study involving boxing training for people with Parkinson's disease, they discovered that patients showed short and long term improvements including balance, gait, activities of daily living and quality of life.

You cannot combine or mix or match due to being assigned a cohort.

Randolph Y Members 1x per week $35/month Mondays at 11:30 am or Thursdays at 6:00 pm
Non-Members 1x per week $45/month Mondays at 11:30 am or Thursdays at 6:00 pm
Randolph Y Members 2x per week $67/month Wednesday & Fridays 9:30 am
Non-Members 2x per week $84/month Wednesday & Fridays 9:30 am 

Please fill out the following forms and bring them with you prior to your first class:

Rock Steady Boxing Member Information Form
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Fight Back UH20 Held in the Warm Water Pool-CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED

Our YMCA is the only facility in the United States to offer an aquatic boxing class.

How Aquatic Boxing can help:

  • Dramatically improves flexibility, range of motion, strength and balance.
  • It is an ideal environment for balance training
  • Participants are able to work on balance and gait training without fear of falling or injury "let's face it-the worst that can happen is you'll get wet"
  • UH20 is part of our Fight Back Against Parkinson's Program and is held exclusively in our Warm Water Pool.

Parkinson's Support Group-CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED

Our Parkinson's Support Group offers a forum where members can talk, share, and learn from each other. All members of the Parkinson's Community, their loved ones, caregivers & Rock Steady Boxers are welcome! These complimentary support groups are facilitated by Heidi Rinsky-Schnapp, MA, CSW, CWP, a Randolph YMCA volunteer, and co-founder of LMR Elder Care, LLC. All meetings are at the Program House. Click here for all support group dates.