Parents with children under the age of 12 must remain in the building. Questions? Contact Kathy Lamia x23

Yogi Jr. (Ages 8-12): Learn to focus your attention by integrating body, mind, and soul.  Exercise your body through asanas ( poses), bring awareness through your senses, and integrate them into a breath of peace for your soul.   Posture fundamentals, breathwork, poses, awareness, and character development will be discussed.  Yogi Jr is designed children with prior yoga experience. 

Little Yogis-Yoga for Kids (Ages 4-7): Little Yogis reaches beyond a great lifelong exercise program for learning yoga asanas (poses). It creates an awareness of how to  focus, listen and be present in the moment. These tools foster the ability to learn, which ultimately inspires a love of learning. This class series will include learning asanas, breathing techniques, quieting oneself and character  development. 

FIT 45 (Ages 8-12) Kids will be engaged in a different workout each week designed to teach them new exercises along with ways to stay active. Calisthenics & body weight exercises will be paired with fun games and team building activities. 

J.I.F. Jump Into Fitness (Ages 5-7 & 8-12): What could be more fun than jumping rope? Join our experienced jump roping instructor as he teaches how jumping rope can improve cardio endurance, build core strength, improve hand-eye-leg coordination and create a full body workout. 

Beginner Ballet (Ages 5-8): Children will be introduced to the elementary positions of classical ballet. Classes are slowly paced and thorough to ensure proper alignment and understanding. The focus of each class will be on coordination and musicality, with an emphasis on body conditioning for pre-ballet groups. 

Athletic Training (Ages 8-12) Develop and enhance speed, strength and agility. The program will improve physical state through sports, drills, quick reactions and balance, creating an increase in their athleticism and participation in sports. 

Obstacles (Ages 5-8) Kids are encouraged to challenge themselves through fun obstacles involving jumping, dodging, relays and more!