Our Leadership Team

Kathy Fisher Chief Executive Officer kathy@randolphymca.org Ext. 14
Deborah Stockhausen Executive Assistant deborah@randolphymca.org Ext. 20
Shamika Alston Facilities Planning Administrator shamika@randolphymca.org Ext. 15
Regina Benson Senior Staff Accountant regina@randolphymca.org Ext. 32
Hilary Collins Senior Program Director hilary@randolphymca.org Ext. 34
Joe Costantino Chief Financial & Development Officer joe@randolphymca.org Ext. 27
Brenda DeNure Membership and Service Delivery Ambassador brenda@randolphymca.org Ext. 25
Jordan DiEgidio Development Director jordan@randolphymca.org Ext. 38
Renee Dorn Director of Human Resources renee@randolphymca.org Ext. 18
Sammie Fleming Aquatic Coordinator samantha@randolphymca.org Ext. 31
Matt Garifo Director of Competitive Swimming matt@randolphymca.org Ext. 22
Allison Gidich Aquatic Coordinator allison@randolphymca.org Ext. 31
Kathy Lamia Senior Fitness Director kathylamia@randolphymca.org Ext. 23
Monica McCann Family/Membership Engagement Coordinator monica@randolphymca.org  
Kate Miner Aquatics Director kate@randolphymca.org Ext. 35
Jennifer Patrick Senior Youth Services Director jennifer@randolphymca.org Ext. 16
Debbie Popek Senior Youth Services Programs Associate debbie@randolphymca.org Ext. 13
Mina Rofael Health & Wellness Director mina@randolphymca.org Ext. 19
Kaitlyn Totter Communications Director kaitlyn@randolphymca.org Ext. 24