All Children 11 & Under must be accompained by an adult in the facility.  

All 17 & Under must have an 18+ parent/guardian present to sign waivers to get a membership or community membership (Day passes, programs etc).  


  • Ages 11 & under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All 17 & Under must have an 18+ parent/guardian present to sign waivers at first visit.  
  • $10 per person
  • Passes must be purchased at the Welcome Center-cannot be purchased ahead of time online.

NEW RAPTOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Upon entering the YMCA, all visitors will be asked to present an ID such as a Driver’s License, which can either be scanned or manually entered into the system. The Raptor system checks the visitor’s name and date of birth for comparison with the National Database of registered sex offenders. The registered sex offender database is the only official database checked by the Raptor System. No other data from the ID is gathered or recorded and the information is not shared with any outside agency. 

The following people (Adults 18+) will need to report to the Welcome Center upon your first visit after November 1 to the YMCA:

  • All Visitors
  • All Contractors/Vendors
  • All Non-Member Program Observers (Swim Lessons, Swim Team, Youth Programs, etc.)
  • All Non-Member Adults attending Special Events
  • All Non-Member Adult Aides or Chaperones


No make-ups or refunds will be given to individuals missing classes or programs with the exception of swim lessons.

No credits will be issued to accounts for weather closing (snow/thunderstorms). The cancelled lesson will be available as a make-up lesson. Make-up Lessons are limited to 1 per month. You must be currently enrolled in the lesson program to use makeups. You must contact our Aquatic Supervisor Samantha at to schedule. No drop-ins are allowed. Missed makeups will result in forfeiture of that class. Any current credits issued to your account will expire 1 year after the issued date.


The YMCA reserves the right to cancel any class or program if attendance or registration does not meet the class quota. The full program fee will be returned to those who have paid. A refund will not be given unless the class is canceled by the YMCA. 


Memberships are neither refundable nor transferable. Credits may be issued upon receipt of a doctor's note. Monthly dues are automatically withdrawn on the 1st or the 15th of each month by automatic draft. Members understand that termination requests require a 15-day EMAIL NOTICE to before their next draft date. Any cancellation requests submitted less than 15-days prior to the upcoming bill are not subject to cancel until the following month. Any requests sent on the weekend will not be reviewed until Monday. Annual memberships are paid upfront. Annual memberships cannot be placed on hold unless it is a medical reason with a doctor's note. Monthly memberships can be placed on hold. 


The Nationwide Membership is available for active, full-facility, full-privilege Y members whose home Y (Randolph YMCA) participates in Nationwide Membership. Nationwide members can visit any participating YMCA in the United States and Puerto Rico at NO EXTRA CHARGE! To participate, members simply need to maintain an active membership at the Randolph YMCA; no additional fee is charged to participate. An additional waiver is required upon registration to participate in Nationwide. Must visit your home Y at least 50 percent of the time each month. 

*United Healthcare AARP Renew Active Members not eligible for Nationwide.


The Welcome Center will provide all new members with a key tag as well as a text message or email with your barcode link for entrance into the building. Lost/Replacement Card Fee=$10.


In the event of inclement weather, the YMCA will make every effort to continue services at our facility. However, in certain conditions when safety becomes a concern, facility closure and program cancellations may be necessary. Information regarding building closures will be publicized through our website, social media (Facebook & Instagram), & email. 


The Randolph YMCA, in keeping with its mission to help all people realize their fullest potential, encourages and supports the participation of all in YMCA programs. We serve all children, families and adults, regardless of gender, race, color, nationality, religion, ethnicity, disability or language. Racism strikes against the very core of the YMCA's mission that everyone is entitled to build a healthy Spirit, Mind & Body. The Randolph YMCA stands with all our neighbors as ONE to seek justice, unity, peace, and the eradication of systematic racism. Let us not remain silent in words or actions as we work to create a move equitable community where we all learn, grow & thrive. 

Transgender/Gender Equity Non-Discrimination Policy

The Randolph YMCA is dedicated to the welfare of all participants and does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity.  To fulfill our mission of strengthening community for all, the Y is committed to being an inclusive, anti-racist organization and to leveraging our collective impact to address social inequities.

Use of Restrooms and Locker Rooms:  Individuals are permitted to use restrooms and locker rooms corresponding to their identified gender or expression.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression.  This means that it is against the law to be harassed or denied rights and privileges extended to others because of gender identity or expression of transgender status.  These protections apply to a broad range of people, including but not limited to people who express or present to the public a gender that does not match their birth certificate, people who change some or all of their sex characteristics through hormone and/or surgery, and people who are transitioning.

Harassment/Full and Equal Access

Harassment and making statements or taking action that show that a person is unwelcome because of gender identity/expression, or making it more difficult for a person to use a public accommodation can also violate the LAD.  Individuals who exhibit this type of behavior can result in termination of membership privileges without refund.

LOST/STOLEN ITEMS Please safeguard your belongings while on YMCA premises. Please keep items left in car out of sight and securely locked. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The YMCA offers financial assistance for membership and programs. If you apply for financial assistance and receive reduced funds, you are only eligible once per year and must reapply each year.

CELL PHONE POLICY Use of cameras and cell phones is not allowed on YMCA property including the locker rooms or bathroom areas.

Respect Fellow Members: Locker Rooms are NO PHONE ZONES. Cell phones are prohibited in all locker rooms. Cell phones are prohibited while using the Main Pool, Warm Water Pool, Steam Room & Sauna. Video & photography are prohibited in the entire aquatic center, bleachers, and pool decks at all times.

PLEASE NOTE: Children under the age of 18 are NOT PERMITTED in the men's and women's locker rooms. The Girls and Boys Locker Rooms are available children 17 and under as well as for parent/child pairings of the same sex. For parent/child pairings of the opposite sex, you may use the Sally Schenkman Family Locker Room.


  • Those taking medications for high blood pressure, heart patients, & pregnant women are considered high risk and should not use the sauna.
  • Limit your time to a maximum of 10 minutes. Do not use alone. Another person must be physically present in the immediate area. 
  • Please remain upright. If you are lying down, staff cannot determine if you are conscious. 
  • Food, drinks or gum is NOT allowed-it is strictly prohibited. Clear water only. 
  • We are a glass-free facility.
  • Shaving is not allowed.
  • Reading materials are not permitted.
  • Do not hang your towel or clothes to dry-it is an extreme fire hazard.
  • No street shoes-they track dirt in from outside.
  • Use of body lotions, oils, menthol, or suntan lotion is prohibited. 
  • Exercise is unsafe and not permitted.
  • Sit on a towel if you are using the sauna nude. 
  • Do not use the sauna while under the influence of anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasodilators, vasoconstrictors, stimulants, alcohol, hypnotics, narcotics or tranquilizers.
  • The use of cell phones are strictly prohibited & enforced.


Quality drop-in babysitting/rec time at no cost to our Family Memberships. Please note that this service is only for parents who are using the facility. Parents must remain on-site at all times.

Babysitting (Ages 3 months-8 years old) 


All participants should recognize that the Randolph YMCA is dedicated to the welfare of all participants. In order to maintain a consistent and cooperative environment, the Management of the YMCA asks that all of the participants at this facility:

The Y reserves the right to suspend membership privileges, without refund, of any member who: